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You can arrange a consultation in three ways:

1. If you are not yet a client of the firm and/or you require an urgent meeting at short notice, book now and pay by debit/credit card using the following link. The charge is €250+VAT for a one hour session. Such meetings are given priority in the calendar schedule.


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2. If you are already a client of the firm or a member you can schedule a meeting (by phone, Skype or in person at our office).


Rachel Gao Alan Moore

3. Call us now on +353 1 872 8881 to make arrangements.

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We do not give free advice and we do not have free initial meetings. This is because our advice is valuable and should be paid for.

However if you decide to use us as your agent to file your tax return on an annual basis through the ROS system, the cost of the initial meeting is credited against the charge for filing your tax return.

We will discuss with you how we can help and will advise you on the fee structure which will best suit your needs. The initial meeting is charged at our normal hourly rate.