AITI Chartered Tax Adviser


This is a specialised support service we provide to accountants and lawyers:

It’s simple.

You do what you do best and we do what we do best.
You refer complex work to us.
We meet your client with you, carry out a full fact find, provide formal written advice and manage the implementation of that advice.
You are copied on all correspondence.
Fees are agreed before work commences.
We bill your client directly.
We do not and never will ‘rob” your client.
We are specialist tax advisers – we do not provide accounting or legal services.

  • Our areas of expertise
    International tax -residence and domicile planning – tax treaties
    income tax – capital allowances
    profit extraction – share buybacks – termination payments liquidation – retirement relief
    Passing assets – CAT and CGT planning
    Retirement planning
    Corporate restructuring – including foreign holding companies
    Revenue audits – investigations – prosecutions – appeals
    Tax appeals – drafting submissions – appointing counsel
    VAT advice – property transactions – VAT planning

What you get:

  1. 20% reduction in fees (€250 / €125 / €62.50 per hour, excluding VAT instead of €300 / €150 / €75, depending on level of expertise requires – Partner / Manager / Consultant)
  2. Peace of mind and a satisfied client.

To apply, contact +353 1 8728881.