AITI Chartered Tax Adviser

If you are a business owner or investor, The Wealth Expander TM service provides you with a personalised report setting out:

  • Your current situation, background, and relevant details.
  • Your current (annual) tax exposure.
  • How your (annual) tax charge can be minimised.
  • Consequential improvements to cash flow.

The Wealth Expander TM comes in several modules:

  • Rental income. This applies if you are a landlord with multiple properties and are having difficulty funding capital repayments from after-tax income. It ensures you maximise cash flow from your properties.
  • Profit extraction. This applies if you are a business owner and want a definitive report on how to extract profits tax-efficiently from your company.
  • Non-Residence. This applies if you are considering going non-resident to avoid income tax and/or CGT.
  • Passing assets. This applies if you want to minimise tax on passing assets to your successors.
  • Pre-audit review. This applies if you are a business owner and want a VAT health check, a review of your payroll tax compliance, and other tax issue. Typically this will happen prior to a Revenue audit.
  • Revenue audit. We manage the Revenue audit process, meet Revenue and settle any resulting liabilities (tax, interest, penalties).
  • Tax appeal. We manage the Revenue appeal on your behalf, appoint and brief counsel and handle all discussions and negotiations with Revenue on your behalf.

We understand that no one like surprises. It is our policy to agree fees before commencing any work.