AITI Chartered Tax Adviser

We make tax less taxing

Our mission. We solve complex problems with innovative creative solutions that inspire confidence and trust.

We show clients how to: minimise tax on income and gains, pass assets tax efficiently and we deal with Revenue on their behalf.

We represent:

  • Successful individuals, including software entrepreneurs, property investors, non-domiciliaries, actors, footballers, musicians and entertainers.
  • As a significant proportion of our clients are non-Irish resident, we have built up a network of international associates to ensure our clients receive a combination of the best Irish and appropriate foreign advice.
  • Many mid-size accounting firms who require a specialist tax partner for particular projects.

We do not engage in “aggressive” tax avoidance which can be challenged by Revenue.

Call +353 1 8728881 or book an appointment to discuss your concerns.

It is our policy to agree fees before commencing any work.