AITI Chartered Tax Adviser

Our mission

Alan Moore Tax Consultants was formed in 1998, initially operating from a small apartment in Bachelors Walk.

In 2006 the firm relocated to 220 Capel Building.

We believe:

  • People should be financially free. By minimising tax/maximising cash flow we help people escape the chains of debt. We fight debt.
  • In the dignity of work.¬†We believe the best way to alleviate poverty and hunger is by helping entrepreneurs who provide employment through stable, profitable, cash-flow positive businesses. We support entrepreneurs.
  • People should feel safe in their home. We believe the best way to alleviate homelessness is by helping landlords provide stable, profitable, cash-flow positive housing. We support decent landlords.
  • Knowledge should be shared. We help business advisers develop their tax knowledge, and become the best they can be, enabling them to help their clients. We inspire advisers.
  • No one should have to face Revenue alone. We defend the defenceless.