AITI Chartered Tax Adviser


We believe in fair and transparent billing. We understand that no one likes surprises.

It is our policy to agree fees before commencing any work.

We know that if unexpected complexities arise, communication is key.

We do not give free advice and we do not have free initial meetings. This is because our advice is valuable and should be paid for.

However if you decide to use us as your agent to file your tax return on an annual basis through the ROS system, the cost of the initial meeting is credited against the charge for filing your tax return.

We have three different fee structures. We will discuss with you how we can help and will advise you on the fee structure which will best suit your needs.

1. Rate per hour

We bill at our hourly rates for advisory work, but work with you to set strict budget guidelines.

Our fees are charged at the following hourly rates:







Where applicable, VAT is also added at 23%.

2. Fixed fee

We can provide fixed fee quotes for compliance work so that our fees are appropriate to your personal circumstances. Typical fixed fees are as follows:

Meetings and correspondence VAT Total
Tax Compass – meeting with verbal advice 250 58 308
Tax Compass –  written advice after meeting 550 127 677
Tax advice letter to include two reliefs (RR, BR) 600 138 738
Tax advice letter to include more than two reliefs 900 207 1,107
Tax advice letter that takes more than two hours to draft 1,200 276 1,476
Corporate restructures
Basic restructure to include holding company (excluding outlay) 2,000 460 2,460
Basic restructure with two subsidiaries 2,500 575 3,075
EU Hold Co restructure 9,950 2,289 12,239
Share redemption / buyback – advise and implement 3,000 690 3,690
Basic return to include PAYE only 250 58 308
Basic return to include PAYE and one additional income 375 86 461
Tax return to include three or more income sources 550 127 677
All other tax returns 650 150 800
Basic CGT computation, no reliefs 250 58 308
CGT computation to include reliefs 450 104 554
Basic CAT return 300 69 369
CAT return including reliefs 550 127 677
VAT returns (annual charge) 250 58 308
CT return 350 81 431
B1 return 250 58 308
Incorporate Irish company and register for taxes (includes outlay) 550 127 677
Incorporate UK company and register for taxes (includes outlay) 650 150 800
The Wealth Expander (typical fees)
 Rental income (typical tax saving €50k+ p.a.)  7,500 1,725 9,225
 Profit extraction (typical tax saving €50k+ p.a.) 7,500 1,725 9,225
 Non-residence (typical tax saving €500k+) 17,500 4,025  21,525
 Passing assets (typical tax saving €200k) 9,500 2,185 11,685
 Pre-audit review (typical tax saving €100k) 7,500 1,725 9,225
 Revenue audit (typical tax saving €75k) 9,500 2,185 11,685
Tax appeal 7,500 1,725 9,225

3. No-win-no-fee

In certain circumstances we can work on a no-win-no-fee basis. This rate is agreed prior to the commencement of any work and is a percentage (10%) of the saving / tax reduction achieved.