AITI Chartered Tax Adviser

We advise business owners and their advisers in relation to:

  • Personal tax:
    • emigration, residence and domicile planning,
    • profit extraction from owner-managed businesses,
    • investment, wealth and retirement planning,
    • minimising CGT on sale or transfer of a business,
    • disposal of land, buildings, and intellectual property,
    • passing assets to family members, estate planning and creation of trusts.
  • Revenue audits, inquiries and investigations
    • Making a tax settlement
  • Tax appeals
    • Appeal Commissioners
    • Circuit Court
    • High Court
    • Revenue complaints procedure
  • VAT advice
    • Interpreting VAT law
    • Property transactions
    • VAT planning
    • VAT health check
    • Recovering foreign VAT
    • Partial exemption
    • VAT compliance