AITI Chartered Tax Adviser

Tax settlements

Where there have been irregularities, we will calculate tax, interest and penalties and negotiate a settlement with Revenue on your behalf.

Recent work we have completed:

  • Revenue investigation of taxi owner – undeclared income of €500k over 10 years, we filed amended returns and agreed a settlement figure of €170 in respect of tax, interest and penalties.
  • Revenue audit of a club – Revenue initially claimed €250k was owing – we agreed a settlement of €75k.
  • Revenue audit of an entertainment venue – Revenue claimed clawback of €500k VAT claimed on acquisition of property – we reduced this to €100k using capital good scheme adjustment for trapped VAT.
  • Revenue audit of a manufacturer – Revenue claimed €120k – we agreed settlement of €60k.
  • Revenue audit of property landlord – Revenue claimed €120k – we agreed settlement of NIL.
  • National Contractors Project Audit – Revenue claimed 75% penalty – we limited the audit  to four years and the agreed penalty of 20%.