AITI Chartered Tax Adviser

What are the reckonable emoluments?

You may not have an insurable employment for PRSI purposes, for example, if you are a proprietary director and you do not have a contract of service with your company. Emoluments you receive from company you own (excluding reckonable earnings) through the PAYE system after deducting pension contributions are subject to self-employed PRSI.

The following excepted emoluments do not count as reckonable emoluments:

(a) Pension payments.
(b) Income arising under health or social welfare legislation.
(c) Income from attendance at F¡S training courses, Alternance Scheme, Teamwork, Enterprise Allowance Scheme, Social Employment Scheme.
(d) Official emoluments of TDs, senators, MEPs, and emoluments from court offices, public offices, and payments made under permanent health insurance policies.
(e) Employment termination payments.