AITI Chartered Tax Adviser

What are the universal social charge(USC) rates?

Whether employed or self-employed, you are liable to universal social charge as follows:

   Exempt:Income below €13,000.

     0.5%:The first €12,012 of earnings.

     2%: The next €7,862 of earnings.

     4.75%: The next €50,170 of earnings.

8%: Remainder. The rate is 11% in respect of non-employment income in excess of €100,000 (reduced to 8% if the earner is aged 70 or over).

A 5% USC charge applies to income sheltered by area-based property incentives (accelerated capital allowances and ‘‘section 23’’ reliefs).

A medical card holder aged under 70, with income below €60,000 is exempt from the top rates.