AITI Chartered Tax Adviser

What are the VAT rates?

VAT applies to almost all goods and services provided within Ireland. The rate depends on the goods or services in question:

0% (zero rate),
4.8% (agricultural rate),
13.5% (low rate), but 9% for certain services,
23% (standard rate).

A rate of 5.2% applies to supplies of agricultural products by flat-fare (i.e unregistered) farmers.

In general, you are not accountable for VAT if you engage in the following activities: financial services, vocational education, professional medical and dental services, dental technician services, hospital or nursing home care, non-profit childcare, welfare type services, admission to live theatre, concert and circus shows, travel agents, insurance agents, insurance, passenger transport, betting, lotteries, admission to sports events, funeral undertaking.